Rates for 2021

Below is a guide to the rates charged for 2021

Weekday one-off booking (Monday - Friday) £7.50 / hour
Weekday recurring booking (Monday - Friday, at least 3 bookings in advance) £5.00 / hour
Weekend one-off booking (Saturday, Sunday) £10.00 / hour
Weekend recurring booking (Saturday, Sunday, at least 3 bookings in advance) £7.50 / hour
Evening party + next morning clean-up (Party from 6pm - 11pm, clean-up 8am - 11am) £75.00
All-day wedding + next morning clean-up (Wedding from 8am - 11pm, clean-up 8am - 11am) £150.00


The full Hiring Fee must be paid on, or before, the Period of Hire.

Note: The Period of Hire must take into consideration the time used setting-up and packing-away.

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